2024 Sponsors

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MercuryISS Company Logo

Mercury is a sovereign, leading provider of information security services, advice and consulting in Australia, specialising in digital assurance and threat emulation.

Gold Sponsors

Signal Labs

Signal Labs Company Logo

Signal Labs is a leading provider of offensive cybersecurity education. We offer courses that cover the latest in vulnerability research, offensive tool development, reverse engineering, and other specialized areas. Our technical courses are developed and maintained by experienced instructors from both the government and private sectors.

Originally established in Australia, Signal Labs has since expanded globally. We deliver training to both individuals and large organizations. Our offerings include self-paced courses and live training. You might also find us sharing our expertise at key conferences, including BSides and BlackHat.

To see how we can enhance your team's offensive or defensive capabilities, or to learn more about our offerings, visit our website at signal-labs.com.


Sekuro Company Logo

Sekuro is a cyber security and digital resiliency solutions provider that helps CIOs and CISOs take a strategic approach to cyber security risk mitigation and digital transformation. Operating at the intersection of the digital technologies and cyber security industries, Sekuro reduces cyber risk while new technologies are adopted - ultimately building business resiliency and enabling fearless innovation.

Our practice areas (Strategy & Architecture, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Technology and Platforms, Offensive Security, and Managed Security Services) are full of the brightest minds in the industry. They work together to look beyond the threat landscape of today and into an opportunity landscape of tomorrow.

Learn more at sekuro.io.

Silver Sponsors

CyberSec People

CyberSec People Company Logo

CyberSec People is Australia's ultimate community-connected recruitment agency for matching the best cybersecurity talent to the right roles.
CyberSec People combine their expertise in recruitment services with specialist knowledge of the cyber security industry and a deeply embedded presence in the close-knit cyber community. Our highly skilled team assists customers with needs analysis, market insights, and access to top-tier candidates to ensure you're able to grow your team effectively and efficiently. For industry professionals, our team supports people to find not just a job but the best fitting organisations for their career goals.

Interrupt Labs

Interrupt Labs Company Logo

Interrupt Labs provide world-leading vulnerability research and capabilities. With a team of amazing people with backgrounds from across the computer security landscape, we work on anything from popping browsers to exploiting phones and cars. When a target seems too difficult to crack, Interrupt Labs is up for the challenge.

To learn more about our latest research and job openings follow us on X @InterruptLabs.

Fulcrum Design

Fulcrum Design Company Logo

Fulcrum Design is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in computer systems research, software development, and operational assurance for our clients across the defence and security sectors.

We extend, enable, and support our clients by researching, building, and delivering real-world capabilities for a wide variety of complex cyber security missions.

Fulcrum Design is a trusted local partner of our client organisations, underpinned by our proven track record in technical innovation, accountability, leadership, and mission-focused delivery. Our team of experienced professionals collaborate within a supportive, adaptable, principled, and people-oriented work environment built on transparency.

Bronze Sponsors


Payatu Company Logo

Payatu is a research-powered cybersecurity firm that is trusted by customers in over 20 countries to provide end-to-end security services; and everything in-between. We go beyond the tools and the processes to deliver insights that will keep your organisation well ahead of the curve.

From security assessments to SOC and ICS/SCADA protection, we are dedicated to protecting your business. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how we can work together to secure your organisation.


CanIPhish Company Logo

CanIPhish was founded to create a better way to simulate phishing and deliver security awareness training to employees.

Our motto is simple. Trained employees, secure businesses.

Previously, legacy platforms have made the benefits of security awareness training difficult, complicated and costly to achieve. Our self-service, easy-to-use platform is disrupting the market and is used by companies of all sizes across the world. To get started, simply create a free account and begin training your employees!


correllium Company Logo

Virtual Arm-based devices with real-world accuracy. No more physical barriers, no more inaccurate emulators. We ensure that developers and engineers are well-equipped to research, work, and test Arm-based technologies. The accuracy, fidelity, and performance of real devices combined with the cloud or on-prem server's scale, efficiency, and convenience.

Internet Association of Australia

Internet Association of Australia Logo

The Internet Association of Australia exists for the benefit of the Internet and the people who build and operate it. Established in 1995 by a collection of Internet enthusiasts, we proudly operate Australia's largest not-for-profit Internet Exchange, with exchanges in capital cities nationwide.