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TSS is a specialist information security company founded by former Australian Government technical intelligence and security specialists. TSS mitigates and minimises risks posed by sophisticated adversaries, be that state-sponsored actors, issue-motivated groups or rogue private contractors. In the Australian market, TSS' knowledge of the cyber threat landscape is unparalleled. For more information please see https://www.tsscyber.com.au/

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Over the last decade, our consultants have delivered a broad range of engagements across a spectrum of users within Australia, particularly Government, Financial Services, Retail, IT, Health, Entertainment and Not-For Profit. Find out more at http://privasec.com.au/


Assurance is a specialist consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.
Assurance provides the following services:
  • Penetration testing (ethical hacking), security reviews, compliance and audit services including high-value / critical infrastructure
  • The design, installation and management of secure mobility / wireless solutions
  • Linux, UNIX-like systems, network and security advice and consulting
Find out more at http://www.assurance.com.au/

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Mercury ISS

Mercury Information Security Services are a leading provider of information security services, advice and consulting. For more information please see http://mercuryiss.com.au/

Insomnia Security

Insomnia Security is a New Zealand based company dedicated to providing highly specialised information security consultancy services to customers.

Find out more at https://www.insomniasec.com

Ethereal Capital

Ethereal Capital is a venture focused on high performance computing (HPC) systems for crypto mining, blockchain computing, artificial intelligence, 3D rendering, password recovery and scientific computing.
HASHBOX Password Recovery Systems: https://ethereal.capital
BLACKBOX HPC Systems: https://BLACKBOX.cat
MONOLITH HPC Data Centres: https://MONOLITH.city

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Founded to secure Government classified and sensitive data, Vault was the first cloud to be certified by the Australian Signals Directorate for classified systems. Vault delivers a secure hyperscale technology platform driving agile Digital Transformation in large organisations including Defence and Intelligence agencies. Bringing together scalable, flexible, open standards cloud with the highest level of security, privacy, governance, physical sovereignty and legal sovereignty, Vault accelerates critical systems to exceed stakeholder expectations and outcomes.


Verifai is building a self-managed digital identity platform that puts the user back in control of what they own.

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