Conference Schedule


9.00am Opening Ceremony
9.10am Keynote - REDACTED
10.00am Break
10.15am "Extracting crypto routines with Ghidra – Get the firehose" - Pete Rankin
10.45am "Modern 0days - Browsers, JavaScript Engines, and JIT Compilers" - Syed Faraz Abrar (Faith)
11.45am "Threat Pursuit VM: A cyber threat intelligence platform for advanced analysis and hunting." - Dan
12.15pm Lunch
1.15pm Keynote - TBA
2.15pm "Modern Heap Exploitation" - Silvio Cesare
3.15pm "Constellation for cyber security analysis" - Daniel Rose
3.45pm Break
4.00pm "Good vibrations, X-rays and kitchen condiments - Beyond lock picking" - Topy
5.00pm "MacOS volatile memory acquisition and analysis" - Penny Le
5.30pm Day 1 close

6.30pm - Please join us for the Friday Night Party!!


9.00am Welcome to Day 2
9.10am "Reinventing Rust Memory Safety" - Ben Williamson
10.00am Break
10.15am "It's The Only Way To Be Shor - Benchmarking Post-Quantum and Hybrid Key Exchange in TLS" - James Longmore
10.45am "Practical Formal Methods for SCADA and Operational Tech" - Mehdi Sabraoui
11.45am "Electronic Hardware Design" - Josh Johnston
12.15pm Lunch
1.15pm "Rise from Your Grave – The Art of Digital Grave Robbing" - Steph Jensen
1.45pm "Oh my Pod: Lessons from building one of Australia’s biggest CTFs" - Sam
2.15pm "Discovery and exploitation of Windows host-based vulnerabilities" - Christopher Vella
3.15pm Break
3.30pm "Rocking the Cyber Truck: Failure Modes and Fundamental Limits of Security Tools" - Josh Green
4.00pm "Exploitation of Amazon's Blink Security Systems" - Jimi Sebree
5.00pm Closing Ceremony