2016 Speakers


"My Cyber is Trickling Down and other Diverse Problems of the Ageing Hacker"

Candlish & Teutenberg

"Active Incident Response" - no slidedeck


"Attacking High Security Lock Systems"

Steve Glass

"Catching 'Rays!"

liam & wily

"The Road to Shell is Paved with Good Intentions" - no slidedeck

Dan & Matt

"EFF 'Secure' IM Scorecard Review"

Silvio Cesare

"Adventures in Glitching PIC Microcontrollers to Defeat Firmware Copy Protection" - no slidedeck


"Hacking Fibre Channel (FC) Networks"


"VoWiFi and you! - how someone could have read your text messages!"


"Why you shouldn't use SSL"

Wizzy (aka Josh)

"Elevator Basics & Potential Future Vulnerabilities"


"Naval-gazing with Docker"

Nathaniel & Shubs

"Scrutiny on the Bounty (pun hall of fame plz)"


"Building Challenge Locks"

Neal Wise

"Threat Landscape Gardening"

Peter Fillmore

"Die Hard 7 - Passwords Please"

Dan Kennedy

"Open Sesame - bypassing BMCs Tradecraft"

Elliott Brink

"Global Honeypot Trends"

Pearce & Stewart

"All your Bases are Belong to Us, the first 2^32 Years of Security" - no slidedeck

Matt Wilcox

"Countering Cyber Adversary Tradecraft"

Paul Harvey

"Fun with Satellites"