Capture The Flag (CTF) is back for BSides Canberra in 2017, and why on earth shouldn’t it be? What kind of hacker con doesn’t have hacking?!

You’ll come into contact with a range of challenges from all disciplines of the hax0r perspective - some reversing, forensics, crypto, wireless, programming, binary, and of course web. We’ve also got physical and IoT challenges this year, and a shiny 0-day awaits you as part of the “Mr Robot Returns” storyline (assuming no-one else has already found it by now!).

The BSides Canberra CTF has been specifically designed for participants of all skill levels. Ranging from “lemon squeezy” easy to “rage quitting” difficult, there is one absolute certainty - you WILL walk away having learnt something new.

Go it alone, team up with some friends or choose to be magically matched with another random player via our state-of-the-art CTF Player Linking System* and make hacker friends instantly! There are prizes up for grabs in multiple categories, not just for those that peak out on the score board.

The CTF Crew will hold a short briefing prior to kickoff to ensure both new players and seasoned, battle-scarred warriors are all in sync for the mayhem that awaits, as well as a walkthrough of some of the challenges once it’s all over for those who don’t want to leave BSides wondering. See you there!

*Complaints about the state-of-the-artiness of our system are strictly prohibited.

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@0x42424242. Lead Pentester at Ionize. Infosec addict. Responsible if any of the CTF infrastructure breaks. Proficient in Python. Competent in Crypto. Coiner of the popular phrase "Where's the bread?"


@TheColonial. Founder and Authorised Intruder at Beyond Binary (@BeyondBase2). Metasploit developer. Likely already in your network, and probably live-streamed it on Twitch.


@rickoates. Pentester at Ionize. Usually not calm. Regularly swallows both the red and the blue pill, but prefers attacking. King of DPAPI.


@__sw1tch__. CISO at Virgin Australia. Deranged mind behind Mr Robot Returns. Professional human. BMX Bandit.

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